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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Pay Your Business Services Account

Payment Option Plan

The Business Services office accepts cash, checks and online credit card payments. Payments are due prior to the 15th of each month or by the first day of the semester for the current semester. All past due accounts accrue a penalty at the rate of 1.5% monthly (19.56 APR). Checks can be sent to:  OSU-OKC, Attention Business Services, 900 N. Portland, Oklahoma City, OK  73107

How to pay your bill: Sign in to with your O-Key e-mail and password. Click on the Quick Link “OSU-OKC Business Services Account”. Once you are on the Oklahoma City Business Services page you can pay your bill, set up Direct Deposit, enroll in the Payment Option Plan, designate an Authorized user and view your statements.

HOLDS/FINANCE CHARGES – A Business Services financial hold is placed on a student’s account whose balance is past due, barring enrollment in a subsequent semester. Payment is due upon receipt of the statement. Any balance that is unpaid after the 15th will be assessed a finance charge of 1.5% or an annual percentage rate of 19.56% when computed from the billing date. If your Business Services account becomes past due, finance charges are added, enrollment for future semesters is not allowed and transcripts and diplomas are not released until the past due balance is paid in full. Returned items are assessed a $25 fee and the accountholder is responsible for all dishonored payments which have been processed on their account. If a payment is returned to the University by the bank and the payment was made to get enrolled, the enrollment may be canceled. The check must be paid for in cash or certified funds. No personal checks are accepted to pay a returned check or a bill from a “previous” semester.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS- A 2.95% or $3.00 minimum convenience fee will be added to all credit card Business Services account payments; However, the convenience fee rate for international PayPath transactions will be increased to 4.25% starting 02/23/2024.

WEB CHECK – If you are paying with a Web Check you may be required to wait until the payment has cleared the bank (up to 2 weeks) to enroll or obtain a transcript or a diploma.

Guest or Parent Payment Access

AUTHORIZED USERS: You are able to designate an authorized user on your account. Once you have completed the instructions, the authorized user will receive login instructions and a password.

Authorized User Access