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Student Conduct

OSU-OKC Student Conduct

The Director of Student Engagement serves as our Student Conduct Coordinator on campus. In this role, the coordinator contacts and meets with students to assess situations of possible non-academic misconduct as described in the Student Code of Conduct. We offer education, challenge, and support to students who may be struggling with behavioral issues by enforcing OSU-OKC’s community standards. We also work with our faculty and staff to provide training and consultation to the university community concerning issues of student conduct on campus.

The University Philosophy on Student Discipline

The university’s philosophy on student discipline is educational in nature. The university recognizes that students will make mistakes and poor choices at times. The Student Conduct Office is charged with helping students learn from their choices and holding them accountable for their behavior. The Student Conduct Office can assist students in ethical, personal, and intellectual development as well as developing character and integrity. The Student Conduct Office is available to offer education, challenge, and support to students struggling with behavioral issues.