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Honors Program

Honors Program

The Honors Program at OSU-Oklahoma City provides opportunities for students to study, research, and exchange ideas in a challenging and supportive academic environment. The designation of Honors credit on a student’s transcript indicates the student showed superior scholarship and pursued knowledge beyond the scope of the regular course of study offered in non-Honors classes.

Honors Program Eligibility

Requirements for new freshman and returning students:

  1. A new freshman must have an ACT composite score of 23 or higher, or a high school grade point average of 3.5 or higher
  2. Students other than new freshmen will be eligible on the basis of OSU-OKC’s retention grade point averages which meet eligibility requirements for continued Honors course enrollment
  3. Students must have completed all remedial classes for consideration

Continued eligibility requirements for students with previous college credit:

  1. Fewer than 30 college-level hours – 3.0 minimum retention grade point average
  2. Thirty or more college-level hours – 3.25 minimum retention grade point average

Petition to participate in Honors Program:

Students who do not meet eligibility requirements can petition the Honors committee through the Honors coordinator for an exception to the minimum grade point average requirement. Consideration of the petition will be based upon performance during the prior semester at OSU-OKC.

Application to the Honors Program

Students wanting to participate in the Honors Program must apply to the Honors committee, through the Honors coordinator or his/her designee, within the first two weeks of the semester. The Honors committee will inform the applicant no later than the third week of the semester on whether the student has been accepted or not accepted into the program. Once a student is accepted into the program, they may enroll in Honors-designated sections or submit Honors contracts for approval in 1000 level or above courses offered at OSU-OKC.

Graduation with Honors

Students participating and earning a minimum of 15 Honors credits will receive the Graduate Honors Scholar Medal to wear during commencement ceremonies. Graduation with Honors will be noted on the student’s OSU-OKC transcript along with the “H” designation for each credit hour earned through participation in Honors sections or Honors by contract.

For more information, contact:

Rene Hurst
Honors Program Coordinator