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Service Learning

Service Learning


Service Learning Hours*
Contributed to the Community Since Spring, 2014:



Equating to an estimated value** of:


service learning logoWhat is Service Learning?

Service learning combines community service with classroom instruction, focusing on critical, reflective thinking as well as personal and civic responsibility. Service learning programs involve students in activities that address local needs while developing their academic skills and commitment to their community.

How Service Learning works:

  1. Have a conversation with your faculty member about participating in Service Learning.
  2. The 20 hour minimum has been removed.  Ask your faculty member about the number of hours now required for their course to earn points/extra credit/etc.
  3. All required forms, documentation, etc. must be received by the Office of the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs prior to May 1 (Spring) / December 1 (Fall)
  4. Visit the Student Resources page to complete the registration process.

Service Learning Fairs

Community partners attend this event to provide information of opportunities available to the students and assist the students with signing up for events. Our Fall 2019 Volunteer Fair was a great success.  We hosted over 40 agencies and we look to make the next event even better.  Check back often for new opportunities.

Service Learning across the Nation

More than 4 million college students across the nation participate in Service Learning. This number increases every year because more students are finding that Service Learning enhances their career and way of life.


The mission of Service Learning at OSU-OKC is to promote and develop students in an environment outside of the classroom.


Service Learning Coordinators

*Through Fall 2017, we reported 37,907 hours completed.  Supporting documentation deleted; irretrievably lost..  The count includes only verifiable hours completed through reconstructed records or directly submitted through the AVPAA office.  ** Based on estimated 2018 volunteer value of $25.43/hour from