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Information for Students

Information for Employers

Information for Students

What is an internship? 

An internship is supervised training and experience at a particular institution/employer in preparation for future employment either at that institution or in that field of work. Internships give students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge of a particular career field and equip them with the experience and skills needed for workforce entry. 

Why should I do an internship? 

An internship provides experience in the field and can lead to increased employment opportunities while introducing students to the career field, as well as potential employers. 

Why should I register for college credit for an internship? 

Internships for college credit are noted on the college transcript as a college course. This transcript notation will show the work completed and provide an academic record of the internship. 

How do I find internships? 

Oklahoma State University maintains a list of job sites helpful for locating internship opportunities here: 

OSU Career Services - & Alumni/Jobs/Other Sites

Can I get academic credit for my internship? 

Some departments offer college credit courses for internships. For more information, contact the appropriate academic office. More information is available here:  Academics | Oklahoma State University (

Expectations for students

  • In order to receive class credit for internships, work must be sufficiently completed according to the requirements of the employer providing the internship and according to the learning requirements as approved by the division head and outlined by the department head. 
  • Assignments and assessments as part of the credited class for the internship must be approved by the department head before beginning the internship course for credit. 
  • Course assessments for the internship must be significant and related to the learning outcomes established by the department head for the course. 

Resources for students: 

Information for Employers 

How can I identify potential students for internships? 

Contact the Office of Community Engagement regarding your internship needs:

Office of Community Engagement  
900 N. Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Administration Building, Room 240

Do internships for your students have to be paid? 

OSU-OKC has the expectation that internships will be paid opportunities for students to learn while they work; however, we are happy to share unpaid opportunities with our students that might fall under service learning. Paid internships have a higher likelihood of attracting potential students. As college students balance work, family, school, and finances, unpaid work can be a challenging use of time in their busy schedules. Paid internships encourage students to participate in the training and provide financial pathways for the time needed to complete an internship. Some helpful resources regarding the benefits of paid internships are the following:

LinkedIn: 5 Reasons Why Companies Should Pay Their Interns (

National Association of Colleges and Employers: Paid Internships: Moving Toward Greater Equity, Setting Pay (

What do I have to do for the internship? 

Internships provide meaningful learning environments where students are immersed in training and employer culture. Internships should give students the opportunity to learn and develop their skills and knowledge base. Some ideas about developing an effective internship are available at the resource below from Business News Daily: 

How to Create a Great Internship Program -

Will college credit be granted for the internship I offer to a potential student? 

Some departments offer college credit courses for internships. Students will work with the academic divisions to determine credit availability. If an internship is determined to meet college credit requirements, supervisor must submit evaluation of work that students performed during the internship for students to earn college credit. 

Expectations for employers

  • Internships are typically paid opportunities for students.
  • Supervisor submits evaluation of work students performed during the internship for students to earn college credit for the internship. 
  • Internships provide meaningful learning environments where students are immersed in training and employer culture. 

Resources for employers: