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Service Learning Faculty Resources

Instructions for Faculty:

Spring 2019 is a time of evaluation and rebirth of Service Learning.  Based on looking at what other schools are doing and best practices shared by Campus Compact, we are revising the Service Learning process.

For Spring 2019, we are removing the 20 hour requirement for a student to receive credit for service learning.  This means that if you have students doing course-related service within your course(s), we want them to apply and be recognized.  The reason for this is two-fold: we want to truly capture the number of students doing Service Learning; and we want to look at the number of courses that have some sort of Service Learning component.  We will use this information to get a true idea of how many hours of Service Learning are being done each semester and to determine ways to signify that courses are Service Learning friendly.

This removal of the minimum number of hours to be recognized as Service Learning does not impact your prescribed number of hours for your students to complete for a grade, extra credit, etc.  You are free to prescribe that many hours, but please know that students will also be able to be recognized for fewer hours, as well.

To ensure that faculty are aware that students have completed their application and are ready to begin their service, students are required to email faculty a copy of their completed application.  If you ever have questions about a student's application status, please reach out to the AVPAA office for more information.

 Other Faculty Resources: