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Science Department

Science Department

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The Science Department at Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City is a community of faculty, staff and students dedicated to provide transfer courses in the areas of Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, Life Sciences, Physics and Meteorology. The department offer both majors and non-majors with a strong scientific foundation that is appropriate to their professional goals and with the knowledge and skills required to become a contributing member of society. Our small class size fosters greater opportunities for instructor-student interaction that facilitate the acquisition of scientific skills.

In support of its mission, the Science Department is committed to provide leading-edge instruction for the development of the following skills:

  • Understanding the contributions made to modern society by scientists
  • Identifying questions and concepts that guide scientific investigations
  • Designing and conducting scientific investigations
  • Using technology and mathematics to improve investigations and communications
  • Formulating and revising scientific explanations and models using logic and evidence
  • Recognizing and analyzing alternative explanations and models
  • Communicating and defending a scientific argument
  • Understanding about scientific inquiry
  • Developing appropriate laboratory and safety techniques

For more information contact:

Dr. Luke Rhodes
Department Head, Science
SB 300 D
(405) 945-9110