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Biomanufacturing Technologies

Biomanufacturing Technologies

The Biomanufacturing Technologies A.A.S. degree program offers a comprehensive 61-credit-hour curriculum with three milestone certificates, providing hands-on industry-relevant education. Graduates are well-equipped for promising job prospects in the rapidly advancing field of biotechnology in Oklahoma City and abroad. The program prepares students for diverse roles, such as bioprocess technicians, quality control analysts, and research associates. The exciting future of biotechnology offers endless opportunities for innovation and societal impact, making this program an excellent choice for those passionate about shaping the future through biomanufacturing expertise.

What is biomanufacturing?

Biomanufacturing Technology is a field that involves the use of biological processes and organisms to produce pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and other products. It combines principles of biology, chemistry, engineering, and manufacturing to develop and optimize processes for large-scale production.

What can I expect to learn in an A.A.S. in Biomanufacturing Technology program?

In this program, you'll learn about various biomanufacturing processes, including fermentation, cell culture, purification techniques, and quality control. You'll also gain knowledge of regulatory guidelines, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), instrumentation, data analysis, and industry-specific technologies.

What are the career prospects after completing this program?

Graduates of an A.A.S. in Biomanufacturing Technologies program can find employment in biopharmaceutical companies, contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), research and development labs, and quality control laboratories. Job titles may include bioprocess technician, manufacturing associate, quality control analyst, or research assistant.


Biological Technicians jobs are projected to increase at 9% per year, according to U.S. Labor Statistics Biological Technicians : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (  The national average salary for this position is $49,650 and Oklahoma average salary is $40,400  Biological Technicians at My Next Move.

Degree Sheet(s)

Degree Sheet (PDF)Biomanufacturing Technologies A.A.S.

Degree Sheet (PDF)Advanced Laboratory Practices Certificate

Degree Sheet (PDF)Laboratory Practices Certificate

Degree Sheet (PDF)Laboratory Quality Certificate

Suggested Plan of Study

Suggested Plan of Study (PDF)Biomanufacturing Technologies A.A.S.

Suggested Plan of Study (PDF) Advanced Laboratory Practices Certificate

Suggested Plan of Study (PDF) Laboratory Practices Certificate

Suggested Plan of Study (PDF) Laboratory Quality Certificate

For more information contact:

Evan Burkala 
Dean of STEM 
School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics