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Information Technologies

Information Technology

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The Information Technologies AAS or Information Technologies BT degrees prepare students for a variety of career opportunities. The programs provide cybersecurity, software development, or general networking options, emphasizing Microsoft and CompTIA certifications. Once a student has completed either the IT AAS or IT BT degree, they are prepared for cybersecurity or software development careers, depending on the track taken. The student has the opportunity to become Microsoft Certified and CompTIA certified as they complete the degree.

Cybersecurity Concentration: This concentration equips students with the critical skills needed to protect and defend information systems from cybersecurity threats. Coursework covers areas such as network security, ethical hacking, and digital forensics, preparing graduates to secure, monitor, and evaluate digital infrastructures in a variety of industries.

Software Development Concentration: Focused on developing cutting-edge software solutions, this concentration teaches programming fundamentals, software architecture, and user interface design. Students learn to create robust software applications tailored to the evolving needs of businesses and consumers.

By starting with our A.A.S. degree, students can seamlessly progress into our B.T. program, fully prepared to tackle advanced concepts and engage in specialized projects. This continuity is a strategic advantage, fostering a deeper understanding and mastery of complex IT systems.

Employment Information
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says computer support specialists, systems administrators, cybersecurity, and software developers are projected to be among the fastest-growing occupations over the next ten years. Job prospects will be best for college graduates who are up to date with the latest skills and technologies, certifications, and practical experiences. OSU-Oklahoma City is one of the first universities in the Midwest to offer an associate degree in the fields of telecommunications and networking, which parallels Microsoft Certification.

Microsoft Imagine Academy
OSU-Oklahoma City is proud of our recognition as a Microsoft Imagine Academy. Microsoft Imagine Academies are empowered to deliver the latest technologies, in-demand skills, certification opportunities, and the assurance of Microsoft quality standards. As an approved Microsoft Imagine Academy, we are committed to our students' workforce development and success through excellent IT education.


Multiple careers in the Information Technologies field are among Oklahoma’s Top 100 Critical Occupations—Computer and Information Systems Managers-average of 209 annual openings and median annual earnings of $120,016.00 with a bachelor’s degree; Software Developers—average of 628 annual openings and median annual earnings of $95,368.00 with a bachelor’s degree; Data Scientists—average of 123 annual openings and median annual earnings of $74,984.00 with a bachelor’s degree.
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Start your journey today with our A.A.S. degree programs.

Degree Sheet(s)

Degree Sheet (PDF)Information Technologies A.A.S.

Degree Sheet (PDF)Computer Support Technician Certificate

Suggested Plan of Study

Suggested Plan of Study (PDF)Information Technologies A.A.S.

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Information Systems and Technologies Department
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Patty Webb
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