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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Supervisor Resources


Bi-weekly timesheets and monthly leave reports must be submitted to supervisors by 10am on the day they are due. Supervisors must approve time and leave by Noon on the day it is due. Please check out the approver instructions below. If you have issues accessing timesheets or leave reports, please contact Human Resources.
Timesheet/ Leave Approver Instructions
Proxy Setup

Employee Evaluations

All new hires or staff members that transfer to a new position should have a 90 day evaluation completed by their direct supervisor and submitted to HR.
Employee 90 Day Evaluation Form
Supervisory Employee 90 Day Evaluation Form

Annual employee evaluations take place every spring and are typically due in May. Read the guidelines below for some helpful tips on conducting your evaluations.
Performance Evaluation Guidelines - Best Practices
Performance Evaluation Instructions - TMS site

Payroll Action Requests

Whether it's a new hire appointment, an employee promotion, pay rate change, or separation, a payroll action request form (PA) is needed for HR records. PA's are required for all employee changes with the exception of Federal Work Study students and monthly paid Adjunct instructors. Payroll assignments for adjuncts are derived from the adjunct report that is submitted to HR from the academic departments at the beginning of each semester.

Personnel Action (PA) Form

Job Posting Process

To get a job posted on the OSU-OKC website, send an email to HR will fill out a Request to Hire form and send out through DocuSign for all digital signatures. Once all the recipients have signed the request and the job description has been updated, the job will be created and posted to our website. The hiring supervisor will receive an automated email when the job is posted.

After the requisite amount of time for the job to remain open has passed, and you feel you have a sufficient number of applicants to interview, contact HR to put an end date on the job posting. This will remove the job posting from the website, so no more applicants may apply. Once your selection has been made, and the offer has been made and accepted, contact HR. The background check and new hire paperwork will be sent to the applicant. HR will send the PA through DocuSign for the appropriate signatures. The HR Recruitment Specialist will send out the Recruitment form and the Interview Committee form for you to complete and send back to HR, who will send out in DocuSign for all signatures.

For sample interview questions or offer letters, please contact Human Resources.