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Diversity Highlights

OSU-OKC Holds 2019 Latinx/Hispanic Resource Fair DACA butterfly logo stating dreamers welcome

In Fall 2019 OSU-OKC held its first Latinx/Hispanic Resource Fair as part of our ongoing commitment to our diverse students and community. Several OSU-OKC support/engagement and academic programs were represented at this event:

Check out the list of the community partners who participated in this event! 

OSU-OKC SafeZone Allies GLBT OSU Safezone rainbow triangle

Several OSU-OKC faculty and staff have completed SafeZone training to become educated about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender+ issues. OSU-OKC believes all sexual/affection orientations and gender presentations should be acknowledged and supported. View the list of faculty/staff SafeZone Allies on campus.

OSU Supports DACA Students DACA butterfly logo stating dreamers welcome

"Oklahoma State University urges Congress to move quickly and take away the uncertainty created by the DACA ruling. We have several DACA students, and I am pleased to see the strong support they have received from across our campus community. We are doing what we can to support them and provide what resources we can. Our DACA students are fine students, they don’t get any aid and they work hard. I think they will make great members of our society. They were brought to the United States as minors through no decision of their own. Many were so young the United States is the only home they have known. We need to make sure they can continue to pursue their American dream.” -- Burns Hargis, OSU President

DACA Update