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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

GLBT+ SafeZone

A SafeZone Ally is someone who chooses to become educated about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender+ issues, and believes all sexual/affection orientations and gender presentations should be acknowledged and supported.

OSU-OKC Faculty/Staff SafeZone Allies

Krystle Dick
Director of Academic Advisement
Student Center, Room 162
Office: (405) 945-3391 

Kenia Hernandez
Office Specialist of Project SOAR-Student Support Services/TRIO
Student Center, Room 240
Office: (405) 945-8627 | Text: (405) 835-2939 

DeNara Hill
Division Head, Initial College Studies
Learning Resource Center, Room 210
Office: (405) 945-9107 

Tamra Johnston
Assistant Professor of History, Department of Humanities
Learning Resource Center, Room 306
Office: (405) 945-3380 

Brandee Morgan
Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Student Center, Room 168
Office: (405) 945-3315 

Deborah Morgan
Director of Project SOAR-Student Support Services/TRIO
Student Center, Room 240B
Office: (405) 945-8625 | Text: (405) 703-6252 

Coral Rewasiewicz
Director of Student Engagement
Student Center, Room 132A
Office: (405) 945-6796 

Jacqui Richardson
Academic Advisor
Student Center, Room 158
Office: (405) 945-3324 

Griffin Smith
Library Assistant
Learning Resource Center, 4th floor Library
Office: (405) 945-3251 

Dorothy Weaver
Department Head, Behavioral Science
Learning Resource Center, Room 318
Office: (405) 945-6741