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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Online Learning Opportunities

Panel Discussions

Orange Crush 2021: Diverse Voices Panel (59:58)

This panel celebrated the enriching life stories of OSU-OKC's diverse faculty and staff.


Diversity & Inclusion - What does it mean to you?

Diversity and Inclusion Perspectives at OSU-OKC (45:10)

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you, and how is it reflected in OSU-OKC's campus culture? Hear insights from our Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administration.

*Note: As of 5/11/2021, the mandatory diversity training referred to at (20:23) is no longer required for OSU-OKC students. 


Women in History Panel (1:14:31)

Listen to a group of female leaders from the OKC area speak about empowerment, inclusivity, and barriers in both the workplace and community.


Black History Month Panel (1:10:07)

Hosted by Dr. Steven Collins. This group of amazing Black leaders, spanning from the civil rights era to current students, speak about leading in their community, barriers they have faced and continue to face, overcoming adversity, and finding strength in their identity.