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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Application for Procedures and Information

Applicants must:

  1. Apply to attend Oklahoma State University – OKC, be accepted, and declare the program as their major. (NOTE: declaring the program as a major is not an indicator that the student is ready to apply or submit a background check to the actual program). 
  2. Students should submit Official sealed and/or unopened electronic College/University Transcripts from previous institutions to the admissions office when applying to attend Oklahoma State University – OKC (Note: student copies are not considered official) – This process should be completed a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks prior to applying to the program. 
  3. After completing all prerequisite and support coursework, submit an application packet to the specific program of study.
  4. Application packet contents should include:
    • Submission of a National Group One - 7 Year background check to include Sex Offender Registry and Violent Offender Registry - through the OSU-OKC Clinical Hub link on the Cardiovascular Sonography webpage (The department will download the results
    • TEAS ATI Examination Score Result Sheet (offered in the OSU-OKC Testing Center) A new TEAS ATI test is required for each year an applicant applies to the program. The TEAS ATI test must be taken with in the same year the student is applying to the program. An Applicant is allowed two attempts at the TEAS in a rolling 12-month period, but no less than 90 days after the first attempt.
    • Submitted copies of your transcripts with your application to the Diagnostic Medical Imaging Department
    • Submitted your personal achievements letter and letters of recommendation (for tiebreaker purposes) with your application. 


  1. Be admitted to OSU-OKC. Your application will not be considered until you are admitted.
  2. Complete application form for the Cardiovascular Sonography Program.
  3. Email copies of official transcripts of all college courses to the Cardiovascular Sonography Department along with your application packet. Note: A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 (C) on academic work completed is necessary to be considered for the cardiovascular program. Applications will be accepted March 1 – May 31 annually 
  4. TEAS ATI exams require a testing fee. Students must pay the fee in the Business office. The student must then bring the receipt to the Assessment Center and schedule an appointment. After the appointment has been made, if the student will not be able to make the appointment, the student must call the Assessment Center and reschedule the exam (405-945-8648). An exam may be rescheduled only once. Student must call before the scheduled test time to cancel to receive a refund. A new TEAS ATI test is required for each year an applicant applies to the program. The TEAS ATI test must be taken with in the same year the student is applying to the program. An Applicant is allowed two attempts in a rolling 12-month period, but no less than 90 days after the first attempt. There is no cut-score for the TEAS ATI exam. However, a TEAS ATI Score of 70 or above is strongly recommended to earn a competitive number of points.
  5. Submit a current (< 3 months) National Background check (click on “Background Check” link in menu to the left)
  6. In order for students to attend the clinical education part of the program, they must attend clinical rotations at our affiliated Healthcare Partner sites. OSU-OKC must uphold specific vaccination requirements that are mandated by our affiliation contracts with our Healthcare Partners. These records must be provided to our Healthcare Partners for preapproval of students to attend each clinical rotation site. Students who do not provide appropriate evidence of the immunization requirements will not be accepted by the affiliated Healthcare partners and will not be eligible to participate in the clinical learning experiences. Clinical learning experiences are a vital part of the program curriculum and cannot be waived. Inability to meet all program curriculum requirements will result in program failure.  
    The following is a list of Healthcare Partner required pre-clinical vaccination/shot records (NOTE: these records are required only from the students who are accepted into the program and are due to the Cardiovascular Sonography office by October 1st)
    Some immunizations require a series of shots, which should be completed by the first of October. Plan ahead so you do not miss the deadline:
    • 2 MMR immunizations OR titers showing immunity for Measles, Mumps and Rubella
    • 2 Varicella (Chickenpox) immunizations OR a titer showing immunity (the only acceptable form of documentation that you have had the disease is a titer)
    • Hepatitis B immunizations (HB 3 dose series or HB 2 dose series), OR a titer showing immunity, If the series is in progress, you may sign the in-progress form found in the Student Handbook
    • 1 Tdap within the last 10 years (if you are approaching the 10-year mark, please get one)
    • 1 Influenza vaccine – required annually
    • 2 Negative TB PPD Skin Tests (taken 2 weeks apart) OR 1 Negative QuantiFERON gold test - if there is a history of a positive TB skin test, the following must be provided: Documentation of a positive skin test, official chest x-ray report, in the past or recent, but after the positive TB skin test, and public contact release form which can be obtained from your doctor or the TB Control Center, 400 NE 50th (50th & Lincoln) 405-427-8651.
    • COVID 19 Vaccine – OSU-OKC is unable to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations of all students and employees due to recent legislation that was signed into law in May.  However, our clinical affiliation agreements state that students and faculty must follow hospital/clinical policy, which includes the policies on COVID vaccinations.  As such, if you are assigned to any of these facilities, it is expected that you comply with the prescribed policy. Students must either provide evidence of a complete dosing regimen of one of the COVID-19 vaccines currently authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or request an exemption from the clinical site. Individuals requesting exemptions must complete the required facility exemption process for each clinical site no less than 30 days prior to the start of each clinical rotation. 

      NOTE: If the clinical sites do not allow you to participate in your assigned clinical experience due to declining a required COVID vaccination or if your other clinical requirements are not met, you will be unable to fulfill the requirements of your program and will not be able to fulfill the necessary requirements for graduation.

  7. The final step in the program admission process will be a 15 to 20 minute panel interview of the top scoring applicants. The panel will consist of various representatives of the organization who will evaluate the candidate using an evaluation rubric. Each panel interviewer will fill out an evaluation sheet and rate the candidate on key requirements for the program. After all interviews are conducted, panelists rank the candidates, and once a consensus is reached, the final applicants are chosen. The remaining applicants will be considered alternates.
  8. Completed applications MUST be emailed to:

    NOTE: All application packet contents must be submitted at ONE time. Incomplete packets will not be processed.

NOTE: Admission to the Cardiovascular Sonography program may be denied to any student with a positive criminal history.

Due to high volume of requests for applications received, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all transcripts, and other required application materials have been sent to and received by the Diagnostic Medical Sonography office prior to the deadline date.