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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Precision Driving Training Testimonials

What our customers say...

"The Precision Driving Training Program at OSU-OKC is absolutely the best driving training program in which I’ve participated, including the practical courses in the military. An associate of mine and I had Bill Hughes and Dennis Polk as instructors, as well as received input from the other instructors. The course is absolutely wonderful as are the driving scenarios; challenging, fun and instructive. My associate and I have been driving for more than 40 years and driving commercially for over 30 years; we both learned new techniques that will help us avoid collisions."

-- Larry Heikkila
Safety Manager, City of Norman

"Quite an effective reminder to get a person back to correct driving habits."

-- Employee, MetroLink/ Airport Express

"As the police local advisor for the City of Oklahoma City, I can fully endorse this course for anyone from citizens to law enforcement officers. OSU has once again provided a timely and valuable course of training for the citizens of the state of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City."

-- E. D. Hasbrook, Police Legal Advisor
City of Oklahoma City

"This course will definitely help me give "problem" drivers a penalty option. I will use this course!"

-- Judge Page P. Morgan, Municipal Judge
Oklahoma City Municipal Courts

"In comparison with other venues of defensive driver training, I have to say that PDT training is the best that I have seen. I particularly value the hands- on experience, because the "learning by doing" cannot be duplicated in a classroom setting. I can also add that I can think of at least two occasions in which I firmly believe that I have avoided a traffic accident as a result of OSU-Oklahoma City's PDT training experience. Your instructors do an outstanding job!"

-- Elden C. Cheatham, CIH, CSP
Health & Safety Officer, Kerr McGee Corporation, Cushing Remediation Site, Cushing, OK

"This was an excellent course. It helped me out with a lot of problems that I have had in the past and taught me how to not panic and control the car."

-- Amanda Dare, Personnel Administrator NCO
63rd WMD-CST

"The course was unique in that you did not have to worry about the possibility of pedestrians, or other un-authorized vehicles entering the closed area. As we made our way through the day, it was apparent that the course was well designed, to emulate the hazards that we face during our travels."

-- Craig Conwell
Manager - Performance Engineering
Cingular Wireless

"I attended the course with one my employees that had recently been involved in two accidents within two weeks. While both of the accidents were not her fault, one of them could have possibly been avoided with proper training. The employee that took the course with me stated after the class, " I learned a lot! " She was really glad that we took the course and felt that she would be much more sure when having to avoid a collision. It made me feel better, that she was able to get something out of this course, that can help the safety of our lives, and the company assets."

-- Craig Conwell
Manager - Performance Engineering
Cingular Wireless

Marathon Oil Company began sending employees to the Precision Driving Training Center in February of 1999. To date, over 60 Marathon employees have attended the training, and additional classes are currently being coordinated. PDT is an excellent source of driving training for employees and family members alike. Many Marathon employees have commented that the training provided by PDT introduced new concepts in safe driving that will help them to perform their jobs safer and with more confidence. We are fortunate to have access to such valuable training, and I encourage other Oklahoma employers to check it out…

-- Paul Hart
Marathon Oil

"Although I have not personally attended the Driver Improvement Training course provided by OSU-OKC, I did procure the services of their expert instructional staff to conduct training for our U.S. Department of Interior customers. The student evaluations from the training praised the high level of professionalism exhibited by OSU's training staff and the top-notch instruction they provided. Many of the Department of Interior students stated that they felt the information and skills they learned in this course would be beneficial to them both on and off the job. The majority of students stated how grateful they were to have had the opportunity to attend this valuable training.

I commend OSU-OKC for bringing this much needed and valuable training to Oklahoma City. The Driver Improvement Training course is a concerted effort to ensure safe driving practices and ultimately save lives. Keep up the good work!"

-- Dr. Dian Taylor
Manager, Special Programs Division, DTI-100
Transportation Safety Institute