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How to Waitlist a Class

Waitlist Overview

Some classes offer a waitlist, which allows students to get on a waiting list to register in a full/closed class if a seat becomes available. Some classes may display as open, but the available seats are reserved for students on the waitlist.

Students can waitlist a class if they would be eligible to register in the class (ex: prerequisites and restrictions must be met). Students can waitlist sections of a course that would result in a time conflict with another class on their schedule. If a student becomes eligible to register in a waitlisted class that is a duplicate of another section or would result in a time conflict, the student must adjust his or her schedule to remove duplicate sections and/or time conflicts.

Waitlist a Class

Follow these steps to add yourself to the waitlist for a class:

  1. Select the CRN of the section you want to waitlist. Use this CRN on the ADD/DROP page, and hit Submit Changes.
  2. You will get a Registration Add Error, but will have an option to Waitlist under the Action column.
  3. Select Waitlisted and hit Submit Changes

Waitlist Notification of Seat Available

If a seat becomes available in a waitlisted class, the student in the highest position on the waitlist will receive an email notification of the available spot and the limited number of hours to register in the class. Upon receiving the email notification, if the student does not register in the class within the stated deadline, the student will be automatically removed from the waitlist (and would need to repeat the process above to be added back to the waitlist).

Waitlisted students who receive email notification of an available seat must follow these steps (within the stated deadline) to register in the class:

  1. Go to the Registration – Add or Drop Classes
  2. Click in the Action column and select the Web Registered option.
  3. Click the Submit Changes button in the lower left corner.
  4. If successfully registered, the class Status will change to Web Registered in the Summary and your Schedule.


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