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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Instructional Methods

OSU-OKC offers courses in a variety of formats: traditional, online, online with scheduled meetings, hybrid, and hybrid with online meetings. Download a PDF version of this infographic.

students sitting in a lecture hall

Traditional (In-Person)

This can include lecture or lab courses that meet on campus. Course sections have a designated building and room number.

  • Course sections have a designated building and room number. Example: LRC 111, ETC 203, BT 103
  • Course sections have a designated day and time. Example: Mon/Wed 9:30AM - 11:00AM

Computer Based/Online

This type of course is commonly referred to as asynchronous.

Online courses do not meet in person. Instructors may use online teaching materials, discussion postings, or pre-recorded videos to teach content Students manage their own time each week using a flexible schedule within course deadlines set by the instructor.

  • Day/meeting times will be shown as TBA
  • The location is shown as either WEB (online class) or WEB PROC (online class with in person proctored exams).
student studying online, surrounded by smartphones, message bubbles, and computer windows
students standing on a giant laptop with a screen that looks like a big door leading to a classroom or library

Online w/ Scheduled Meetings

Some online courses may be taught in a virtual classroom (ex. Zoom) with scheduled meeting days and times. These meeting days and meeting times will be listed on the class schedule. The location is shown as WEB MTG.


A blend of traditional and online instruction.

Some hybrids meet weekly, others only a handful of times throughout the semester. The day of the class meeting, the meeting time(s), and the classroom location is listed on the schedule. Additional information on meeting days and online only days will be included in the syllabus.

students studying at a desk with a computer window and giant books in the background
students standing in front of a giant smartphone, putting sticky notes on a schedule on the screen

Hybrid w/ Online Meetings

For some hybrid courses, the online component will be at a scheduled time in a virtual classroom (ex. Zoom).

These scheduled meeting days and times are included on the class schedule.


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