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Medical Billing Track

OSU-OKC Healthcare Management - Medical Billing Track


OSU-OKC Healthcare Management LogoThe Medical Billing Track will allow students to identify and navigate the healthcare reimbursement for services.  Medical billers apply the codes from the medical coders to billing system, so insurers and patients are correctly invoiced. Attention to detail is important to avoid rejected claims or overcharging.  Knowledge of the health plans, payer types, and healthcare regulations requires highly specialized professionals.  Medical billers are vital for the financial health of the business of medicine for physicians and provider organizations.  Medical billers manage the claims through the revenue cycle process and may work remotely, depending on the healthcare organization.



Track 1


Credit Hours Prerequisites
HCM 1173 Healthcare Billing 3 [W] HCM 1103, BIOL 1012
HCM 2123 Advanced Healthcare Billing 3 HCM 1173

Contact Information:

Dr. Cindy Akkerman, MBA, MBA-HCM, CPC, CPB, CPPM, CRC, CPC-I
OSU-OKC Healthcare Administration Department Head
Office: 405.945.6797

AAPC Education Provider
OSU-OKC is an AAPC education provider.