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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Leadership Track

OSU-OKC Healthcare Management Leadership Track

For students who want to continue their education after graduation from OSU-OKC, the leadership track may be for you.  Students will learn about medical coding and medical billing without the advanced courses for certification.  


Track 3


Credit Hours Prerequisites
Select any 3 credit hours from the following: Any HCM, ACCT, CIS, or MGMT course
    3 Varies
HCM 2193 Healthcare Leadership 3 HCM 1143, HCM 1153, HCM 2143, HCM 2153, HCM 2163 Pre/Co-req: HCM 2103

OSU-OKC Healthcare Management Logo

Contact Information: 

Dr. Cindy Akkerman, MBA, MBA-HCM, CPC, CPB, CPPM, CRC, CPC-I
OSU-OKC Healthcare Administration Department Head
Office: 405.945.6797

AAPC Education Provider
OSU-OKC is an AAPC education provider.