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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Reverse Transfer

A process which allows students currently pursuing a Bachelors degree, to combine credits from 2 and 4 year schools to earn an Associate’s degree.

Your Work Deserves to be Recognized!

Here are the benefits of graduating with an A.S. degree from OSU-OKC:
  • Associate degrees are recognized and meaningful credentials that have the potential to increase employment options and salary levels.
  • Students who earn an Associate degree as a result of a reverse transfer are more likely to complete their Bachelor’s degree.
  • Associate degrees from Oklahoma institutions will satisfy the General Education requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at all Oklahoma Public Universities.

Get Started

  • Talk with your Bachelor’s program advisor about obtaining an Associate in Science.
  • If you have not enrolled in classes at OSU-OKC for at least one year, you will have to complete an admissions application.
  • Meet with our Reverse Transfer advisor, Ryan Brendle in person, by phone or virtually to discuss any outstanding degree requirements.  
    • Fall Semester: December 1
    • Spring Semester: May 1
    • Summer Semester: July 15
  • Send all official college transcripts directly from the issuing school to OSU-OKC.

Have questions?

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