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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Reverse Transfer

Reverse transfer is a process that allows students who have completed at least 15 credits at OSU-OKC to continue their education at a four year institution, and apply that credit towards a two year degree at OSU-OKC. The combined credit earned at OSU-OKC and courses taken as part of a bachelor’s program at a four-year institution can be used to qualify for an Associate of Science at OSU-OKC.

Students interested in participating in the program should fill out a Graduation Application for Reverse Transfer and submit all official transcripts. The Office of the Registrar at OSU-OKC will evaluate that credit and award an AS degree to students who meet degree requirements.

Your Associate’s Degree Has Benefits

Your work deserves to be recognized. Here are the benefits of graduating with an AS degree from OSU-OKC:

  • Associates degrees are recognized and meaningful credentials that have the potential to increase employment options and salary levels.
  • Students who earn an associate’s degree as a result of a reverse transfer are more likely to complete their Bachelor’s degree.
  • An Associate of Science degree from OSU-OKC satisfies general education requirements at all Oklahoma Public Universities, and may reduce the number of credit hours for a bachelor’s degree. Contact your academic advisor or program advisor to discuss how an AS degree can help you achieve your academic goals.

Get Started

  • Find your associate’s degree in our catalog and talk with your bachelor’s program advisor about how that degree will fit in with your plans.
  • Meet with an OSU-OKC Reverse Transfer advisor to discuss degree requirements and how your credits will transfer. Our advisors can meet with you in person, over the phone, or virtually.
    • Schedule an appointment with Jacqui here
    • Schedule an appointment with Ryan here
  • Fill out the Application for Graduation – Reverse Transfer before the application due date.
    • Fall Semester: December 1
    • Spring Semester: May 1
    • Summer Semester: July 15
  • Send all official transcripts to OSU-OKC.
    • E-transcripts are accepted if sent from the issuing college/university.
    • Transcripts can be mailed to OSU-OKC Office of the Registrar – Reverse Transfer, 900 N. Portland Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.

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