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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Strategic Planning FAQs

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Does OSU-OKC provide emergency student aid?

What is the status of OSU-OKC’s compensation study?

Does OSU-OKC offer remote work opportunities for employees?

Where can employers post job openings for OSU-OKC students and alumni?

Does OSU-OKC host career fairs and/or other career services?

Does OSU-OKC have a development office?

Where do the funds from OSU-OKC’s transcript fee go?

What is the long-term plan for Cristo Rey being on the OSU-OKC campus?

Why do some academic programs have enrollment caps?

Who can pursue external grants at OSU-OKC?

Does OSU-OKC have a position focused on working with technology centers?

Are there any plans to connect the main, mid and south parts of the OSU-OKC campus?

Does OSU-OKC offer a tuition and fee benefit for employees?