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School Vehicle Information

Vehicle Procedures

Employees may reserve a school vehicle on this page.

  • View the calendar for availability and submit the on-line request form if a vehicle is available.
  • You will receive e-mail confirmation from Safety and Security within 24 hours.
  • Vehicles are to be returned to the parking lot next to Security for inspection.
  • When dropping off the vehicle the driver must remain with the vehicle during the inspection and will be asked to correct any issues (examples: filling the car up with gas and cleaning any trash out of the vehicle). The driver can either drive the vehicle back up to the parking garage if they wish or the Officer assisting can return the vehicle.

Keys to the vehicles are picked up at the Office of Safety and Security just before departure. If you are leaving prior to 8:00 a.m., you must make arrangements in advance with Security to pick up the keys that morning. Keys cannot be picked up the day before.

The person requesting and receiving confirmation for a vehicle will be responsible for filling out the vehicle maintenance card and returning it with the keys and credit card as soon as the vehicle is back on campus. Remember, someone may be waiting for the vehicle. If you return to campus after regular business hours, turn the keys and credit card in to the Security Officer on duty in the parking lot next to Security.

After Hours Security Number

  • On Campus: 111
  • Off Campus: 945-9111

Persons driving school vehicles will be required to show a valid driver's license and sign a Driver Authorization Agreement at the beginning of each fiscal year. You can request the form from Safety and Security or download a copy in your choice of formats below.

Word DocumentVehicle Authorization (Word)

PDF DocumentVehicle Authorization (PDF)


A gas credit card with instructional brochure will be provided with vehicle keys. The gas credit card is accepted at all major stations.

When returning the vehicle please make sure the vehicle has a full tank, and make sure it is cleaned inside and out.

Other Vehicle Rules and Regulations

  • No smoking in school vehicles
  • No pets allowed in school vehicles (service animals are allowed with approval from security department)
  • Remove trash from vehicles. (Pop cans, candy wrappers, etc.)
  • If you notice strange noises, vibrations, or other signs of needed maintenance, report it on the Vehicle Maintenance Form included with the keys.

Return vehicle to parking lot next to Security for inspection