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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Campus Closure

Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC) strives to maintain operations as delineated in the official Academic Calendar. As a commuter campus, on-campus operations are reliant upon external utilities and transportation routes unobstructed by accident, disaster, ice, snow and/or storm debris. OSU-OKC recognizes that travel to and from campus may be difficult in certain conditions outside of the control of the organization that may result in campus closure. The university encourages faculty, staff and students to use extreme caution during uncontrollable events and the university recognizes that flexibility is required in extreme circumstances. Individuals are ultimately responsible for decisions regarding their own safety. Therefore, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to exercise good judgment. An individual’s right to make a best decision does not exempt the person from proper notification of an absence to their supervisor or instructor. 

If conditions or anticipated conditions warrant campus closure official communications will be distributed through the Cowboy Alert (RAVE System), OKey designated email address, the OSU-OKC website ( and the institutional social media pages.

Storm Ready Program

The National Weather Service has designated Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City as a "Storm Ready University," recognizing the institution for its established severe weather preparedness procedures.

For more information about the National Weather Service StormReady program, visit