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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Inclement Weather, Class Cancellation, Campus Closing

A decision to close the campus, or to cancel classes because of inclement weather or other adverse conditions, will be made as early as possible. Students should watch and listen for news broadcasts on the stations listed below. Also, the OSU-Oklahoma City web site ( will detail whether the campus is closed, classes are cancelled or delayed. A decision to close the campus includes offices across the campus. If only classes are cancelled, campus offices remain open.


  • KFOR Channel 4
  • KOCO Channel 5
  • KWTV Channel 9
  • KOKH Channel 25


  • KTOK 1000 (AM)
  • KOMA 1520 (AM)
  • KOMA 92.5 (FM)
  • KJYO 102.7 (FM)


In the event of a campus emergency, Oklahoma State University may use a variety of tools to communicate to the campus and the public. Depending on the nature of the emergency, OSU-OKC may use all or some of the following:

  • Text and Voice Alerts — The Cowboy Alert system is available to all campus faculty, staff, and students. You can register your phone to receive a text message and/or voicemail through your O-key account at
  • Siren System – Sirens are tested around 12 Noon each Saturday in the Oklahoma City metro area.
  • PA System — All campus buildings have PA systems that can alert those in the building of an emergency situation and provide response details.
  • RAVE Email — The University may send “urgent” e-mails to the entire campus providing notification and directions during an emergency. It is an opt-in system of O-key.
  • Social Media — OSU-OKC will use Facebook and Twitter for social mass notifications using social media.
  • Cable TV/Campus Monitors — OSU has the ability to override the campus cable system, providing emergency notification via the campus TV system in many university buildings and residential housing.
  • Local Media — The OSU Communications office works with local media — radio, television, newspapers — to help announce and update campus closures or emergency situations.
  • Weather Radios — Most offices across campus have weather radios that provide the latest in severe weather information and activate for announcements affecting Oklahoma County.

The Vice President of Operations and the OSU-OKC Office of Safety & Security department are responsible for delivering emergency information to university executive team members. Upon considering this information, administration develops the messages and activates appropriate communications.

Instructions and further information for these contingencies have been provided for faculty and staff employees through the campus Emergency Preparedness Plan.