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Special Event Coordination for Parking and Building/Classroom Access

If your event will require Visitors to park on campus notify The Office of Safety and Security at (405) 945-3253 or email ( to arrange to have Temporary Parking Passes issued. Without these passes, Visitors may be cited for illegal parking. If buses or other large vehicles will be parking on campus, we may need to coordinate an area where they will have plenty of room and will be less likely to cause traffic/parking problems.

If your event requires building or classroom access on weekends, evenings, or after hours, you will need to make arrangements with Security at (405) 945-3253 or email ( Occupants of the meeting or class will be questioned by a Security Officer if prior arrangements have not been made.

If your vehicle will be left on campus due to an event off campus, please inform Security of the type of vehicle, the location where you have parked it, and the duration it will stay on campus.