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Behavioral Sciences

Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Behavioral Sciences at OSU-OKC offers a multitude of classes in Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Public Service, Geography, and Anthropology. The department houses the Public Service program and certificate which enables students to join careers in nonprofit organizations or the public sector. Behavioral Sciences courses study human action to uncover how behavior influences society, beliefs, attitudes, and the world around us.

Faculty & Staff Contact Information:

Dr. Dorothy Weaver
Department Head
Behavioral Sciences
LRC 320
(405) 945-6741

Elizabeth Peters
Associate Professor
LRC 324
(405) 945-3223

Tamera Bell
Administrative Assistant II
School of Professional Studies
LRC 331
(405) 945-6718

Dr. Steven Collins
Political Science
LRC 322
(405) 945-6780

Lathonya Shivers
Assistant Professor/PSER Program Coordinator
Public Service
LRC 346
(405) 945-6792

Dr. Hala Gheriani
School of Professional Studies
LRC 332
(405) 945-3222