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Inventory Policy and Procedures

Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City has established policy and procedures for the inventory and disposal of property. The purpose of the policy is to provide each office with consistency across campus.

New Inventory Items

Inventory of newly acquired items includes, but is not limited to:

  • Computers and computer components
  • Laptops
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Digital Cameras*
  • Office Equipment – printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, etc.
  • Grounds, Shop or Housekeeping Equipment
  • Classroom Equipment
  • Kitchen/Cafeteria Equipment
  • Printing/Mailroom Equipment
  • Software

Any item(s) purchased from the above list exceeding $500 or considered a high profile* item will be placed on inventory and have the appropriate OSU-Oklahoma City inventory tag applied. Items exceeding the $5,000 threshold or considered high profile* will be placed on Stillwater’s Inventory records as well and have the appropriate Stillwater inventory tag applied once they are received.

Please note: in the event an item is purchased that does not specifically fall into one of the categories above, the Office of Budget and Finance will determine if the item is to be tagged.

Disposal of Inventory Items

The following guidelines have been established to ensure efficiency in disposal of inventory. All disposal requests are to follow the subsequent guidelines:

  1. Prepare Inventory Disposal form, which includes the specific item(s) to be disposed of, Serial Number(s), Asset Tag number if applicable, and the current location and submit to the Inventory Clerk in the Office of Budget and Finance for processing.
  2. If disposing of a data storage device, i.e. diskettes, CDs, thumb drives, CPUs, servers; prepare Decommissioning form to have those items decommissioned by IT.
  3. Once the inventory disposal form has been completed it will forwarded to the appropriate department for final signatures.
  4. The approved Inventory Disposal form is then submitted to the Inventory Clerk in the Office of Budget and Finance for final approval and scheduling of item pick-up.

If you have any questions concerning inventory or disposal requests, please contact Sharon FItzpatrick at x292.


Inventory Disposal FormInventory Disposal Form

Decommissioning FormDecommissioning Form

Inventory Transfer FormInventory Transfer Form