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Parking Information

Tips for Avoiding Traffic, Parking Problems


If you are unable to find a parking space in the large main campus lot, overflow parking lots are on the north end of campus north of the Engineering Technology Center and southeast of the Administration Building near the tennis courts.

Check Your Schedule

The map here is for classes on the north main campus. If you have classes in the Agriculture Resource Center (ARC), Kirkpatrick Horticulture Center (HC), Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) or Human Services Education Center (HSEC), those buildings are located on the south end of campus and each building has ample designated parking. For location of the entire campus, visit


Due to high traffic at the main campus entrance, Henry G. Bennett Drive off Portland, consider using the south entrance off Portland, Black Gold Drive. This street, just north of the railroad tracks, leads to an unmarked entrance by the fire training facility, just west of the I-44 overpass. This street will lead to the large main campus parking lot. (see map)


Due to high traffic at the main campus exit, Henry G. Bennett Drive off Portland, consider using the south exit. From the large campus parking lot, drive south down the long unmarked driveway (by the large billboard) to a “T” intersection, which is Black Gold Drive. Turning west will lead to Portland; turning east will lead to the Fairgrounds with access to Reno or May. (see map)


There is no parking allowed in the OSU County Extension Center parking lot. This restricted parking zone is highlighted in red in the map below.

For more information, call (405) 947-4421.

Parking Map