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Video & Multimedia

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CTLE provides an array of video production and multimedia design services and support. We provide services and support for all five phases of video production (development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution). We work with OSU-OKC faculty and staff from the conceptualization of a video or multimedia project, all the way through planning, recording, editing and captioning, and distribution of the final product (via media server platforms such as YuJa, Canvas Studio, YouTube, etc.). We can also provide multimedia design and development services that leverage various types of video, graphics, audio, and other elements to effectively communicate information with the intended audience.

Whether you’re interested in individual video production or would prefer a higher-quality video shoot with our equipment and expertise, we can help. Using your creativity and expertise, we can adapt your course materials into a variety of video types, including graphic explanation videos, kinetic typography, slow motion video, interviews, and much more.  If you have a video idea you think would be helpful for your students, we want to help you make it.   

Along with the video production and multimedia design services we maintain two multimedia recording studios available to faculty. The studios can be reserved for sessions and are fully equipped with computers and devices for creating instructional recordings or hosting a Zoom meeting. Each studio offers:

  • Quiet recording space with soundproofing tiles installed on the walls
  • Desktop computer equipped with a large high resolution monitor, high speed internet, and applications like Zoom Client, Camtasia, SnagIt, Audacity, YuJa Recorder, and other programs installed for recording and editing your lecture or instructional video
  • Professional quality panoramic webcam with high quality microphone and additional lighting
  • Dedicated drawing tablet and stylus for recording annotations or creating hand-drawn diagrams, illustrations, and content
  • Other additional resources, including a document camera, a portable 40” x 26” magnetic whiteboard, and flip chart easel

LRC 103D Multimedia Recording Studio

Reserving a session in one of our bays is a great option for recording lectures or making various types of instructional videos or content. A member of the CTLE team will be on hand and available to provide technical support and assistance during your reserved session. LRC 103B has a Windows PC while LRC 103D features a Mac Mini.

Contact CTLE to reserve time in one of our Multimedia Recording Studios