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Things That Matter

The Things That Matter club is a Student Government Association created and led by Center for Social Innovation students at OSU OKC. The club serves as a way to empower students to lead an organization and do community outreach projects by way of peer-led facilitation. The club has elected officials including a president, vice president, treasurer, and more. Students meet once a week to plan out events and activities as well as encourage and support one another. Students also held a recovery meeting on campus once a week which is open to the public. Around holidays, students do outreach projects such as cleaning up community centers, handing out food, and putting together gifts for families. The students host a monthly birthday party for the kids at the Oklahoma City Center. 

The students chose the name “Things That Matter” in order to advocate for all causes that are important in our community such as racial equality, addiction recovery, incarceration and justice reform, homelessness, mental health awareness, and more. 

Things That Matter FY 23 Elected Officials:

  • President – Nick Edson

  • Vice President – Trisha Stevens

  • Treasurer – Will Timmons

  • Secretary – Kayla Jeffers

  • SGA Representative – Enighsha Smith

  • Community Outreach Coordinator – Blanca Icedo 

  • Student Activities Coordinator – Lindsay Haley

  • Student Activities Coordinator – Konesha Pinkston 

  • Social Media Coordinator - Viviana Torres

  • Social Media Coordinator - Shawna Stephens