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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Apply to CFSI

We are currently accepting applications for the 2024-25 CFSI Cohort!

Please be aware that this application could take a while to complete, so make sure you have time set aside to finish it in one sitting as the application cannot be saved until submitted fully. If you need to use a computer (recommended), we encourage you to visit your local library. 

Elements of application:

  • General Information: Please provide your most basic demographic information. You will have an opportunity to provide additional details during your interview. 
  • Reference checks: You will be asked to provide contact information for three people: 
  1. A leader or mentor - someone who you go to for guidance. 
  2. The person who referred you to CFSI. 
  3. A current or previous employer. 
  • Essay: You will be prompted to submit an essay. You may either type your essay in the fillable form within the application or upload a document with your essay already completed. A few things to note: 
    1. The essay you submit may be used as a determining factor to accept or deny your application. Put as much effort as possible into it. 
    2. Content: your essay should be about Who you are, Who you were, and Who you want to be in the future. The essay should be at least a page long. 


  • You must have your GED or High School Diploma. If you need assistance getting your GED, please contact Cherokee Hills Baptist Church (free resource) or OCCC.  
  • If you have outstanding student loans or financial aid, you will need to call and get a payment or action plan set up with them so that you can work on getting out of default. You may go ahead and apply for CFSI before getting out of default. If you have a transcript hold at a previous university, you may also still apply and bring the details of your hold to your interview. 
  • CFSI is for people who have overcome social barriers and are ready for their next phase of life – it is not a rehabilitation or treatment program. Because of that, we are looking for the following in our students: 
    • Long(er) term sobriety, if applicable.
    • Long(er) term track record of mental health stabilization, if applicable. 
    • Stable housing.
    • Financial stability and supports.
    • Later phases (or graduates) of diversion or treatment programs.
  • CFSI is an initiative geared towards the next generation of second chance leaders in our community. Because of that, we are looking for the following in our students: 
    • Community engagement. 
    • Involvement with or desire to help other people experiencing social barriers. 
    • A high level of motivation to succeed, drive, work ethic, humility, service to others, compassion, integrity, leadership, forgiveness towards self and others, and a desire to be better and make things better. 
    • Leaders in their workplaces, programs, or other environments. 

Other Notes: 

  • CFSI has different Engagement Level Tiers (ELTs) you can be participating in. You may be accepted into the program even if you have a full-time job and are only looking for assistance with college courses, supplies, resources, and support (cannot come to the in-person, paid program hours). We can discuss in more detail during your interview. 
  • To be successful in CFSI, you must be ready to work hard and be teachable. Whether or not you reach your goals will have a direct correlation to your level of commitment to those two things. 
  • You are eligible to be accepted into CFSI even if you are already enrolled in an associate level degree program in college. 
  • All accepted CFSI students will enroll in classes at OSU OKC at the time the cohort begins in August. More details can be discussed during your interview. 
  • Please see About tab of the website for additional program information. 

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