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OSU-OKC Puts Tutors in the Classroom through Bank of America, American Fidelity Grants

OSU-OKC Puts Tutors in the Classroom Through Bank of America, American Fidelity Grants

Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City’s (OSU-OKC) Tutors in the Classroom program through the university’s Student Success and Opportunity Center (SSOC) will continue to assist students thanks to grants from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation and American Fidelity Foundation.


Effective tutoring can often be the deciding factor between a passing or failing grade. Students report feeling more comfortable working with tutors, asking them questions about a complex concept or for feedback, in order to reach their full academic potential.


Funding from both Foundations goes toward placing tutors directly into OSU-OKC classrooms as well as to tutors outside of classroom hours for students to access at the SSOC. The Bank of America Charitable Foundation’s grant serves remedial math while American Fidelity’s focuses on remedial writing skills.


The positive effects of this initiative can be seen in OSU-OKC’s Initial College Studies (ICS) Division. In addition to successful math and writing pass rates for remedial students, a new pilot program uses tutoring both inside and outside of the classroom to help students take intermediate and college algebra courses concurrently.


These combination courses heavily utilize tutors during specialized lab time classes, meaning tutors and students can work independently on specific material. Students move through remedial math and pass college algebra at a more rapid pace, and with a higher degree of success.


“We’ve experienced a ton of success in these classes and our students have reported enjoying that specialized time with a tutor,” said DeNara Hill, OSU-OKC ICS division head. “Tutors in the classroom help students complete their coursework – especially pre-requisites – at a faster rate, and better prepare them to succed in future courses.”


Tutoring at OSU-OKC is available for student walk-ins or by scheduled appointment. The SSOC also offers online tutoring options for students who aren’t on campus. For more information on tutoring through the SSOC and to view all available options, visit

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