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Nighttime Motorcycle Courses Now Available

Nighttime Motorcycle Courses Now Available

OSU-Oklahoma City’s basic motorcycle course is now expanding registration times to include evening hours as an alternative to weekend courses. Night courses will be held Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. during available training weeks.


“Whether you are a beginning rider, tuning up basic riding skills, learning something new, or wanting a discount on your insurance premium, a motorcycle safety course is the best choice a rider can make,” said RuthAnn Baugh, OSU-OKC Center of Safety and Emergency Preparedness (CSEP) director. “CSEP’s goal is to serve a vital role in educating all riders by constantly increasing the level and availability of training. Offering night courses will play a role in meeting this goal.”


The course, called Basic RiderCourse, is designed for beginner riders with little or no previous motorcycle experience. Students will learn about different types of motorcycles, their controls, how they operate, and will also begin developing and practicing the mental and motor skills necessary for safe riding. Participants will spend a minimum of five hours in the classroom and 10 hours riding.


“Motorcycling has a reputation for being dangerous, but the inherent risks can be reduced with proper training,” said Baugh. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are 25 times more likely to die on the road than other users. “Motorcyclists must ride safely and education plays a role in providing riders with the knowledge and abilities to do so,” she said.


The night course will be well lit, thanks to OGE’s lighting designs and installation. OGE Project Manager Glen Gottschalk, Account Manager Jeff Leman and Project Coordinator Mike Lowman were instrumental in the installation of the lights and supporting electrical system.


“We are very appreciative of the work OGE has done for our campus,” said Natalie Shirley, OSU-OKC president. “Thanks to their expertise and willingness to go above and beyond, we now have a product that will help our driving school for years to come.”


All motorcycle instructors will wear reflective safety gear and the ranges will have reflective paint in order to ensure the greatest visibility during the evening course.


According to Baugh, registration spots are filling fast. Cost is $225 and includes course material. To register, visit

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