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CTLE Online Education Tools

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Online Education Tools

With the rapid shift to online due to COVID-19 concerns, we have created this site to help provide a one-stop resource for answer to common questions.  This is a dynamic page and things will change as we learn more about using Zoom and other tools.  We are in the process of developing OSU-OKC focused guides as well.

Emergency Broadband and Internet Resources for Oklahomans

This information is provided by the Oklahoma State Broadband Coordinator in collaboration with Oklahoma Broadband and Internet Service Providers.  This is a dynamic document and will be updated as more information becomes available. Please CLICK HERE to view or download the document.


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For Faculty

For Students

  • Student Tips for Participating in Online Learning
    • A helpful list of things to do to help make the best of your time in a Zoom session.
  • Zoom EDU: Zoom for Students” (13:22 minute video available at:
    • This is a video designed for students joining the virtual classroom from somewhere off campus.  Objectives for the presentation: 1) Download Zoom; 2) Join a Zoom session; 3) How to use the interactive tools in the Zoom session; and 4) Best Practices for receiving content via Zoom.
  • Join a Meeting” (1:09 minute video available at:
    • While also covered above, this is a quick video focused solely on how to join a Zoom meeting.