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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

About OSU-Oklahoma City

OSU-OKC came into being in 1961 as educators and civic leaders realized the need for vocational programs in Oklahoma’s largest city. Beginning on the campus of Oklahoma City University, OSU-OKC moved first to its own building and eventually to its own campus. The school was originally named Oklahoma State University Technical Institute – Oklahoma City, colloquially called ‘OSU Tech.’

In 1969, police science, fire protection and nursing programs were added to the curriculum, all of which still provide a strong presence in the university’s offerings.

The first structure opened on the current campus at 10th and Portland in March 1971. Originally designed as a classroom and administration building, this building currently serves as OSU-OKC’s science building.

In 1990, it was decided to rename the school to the simpler Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City, or OSU-OKC.

Starting with an enrollment of 92 students in 1961, in 2021 OSU-OKC serves thousands of students each semester, including in-person classes, hybrid classes, and online education.

60-year history collage