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Teaching and Demonstration Facilities

Golf Course Layout


Teaching and Demonstration Facilities

Oklahoma golf course architects Tripp Davis, Randy Heckenkemper and Mark Hayes designed the five-hole instructional golf course.


The course includes natural habitats and four ponds that cover approximately three acres.


Toro, Rainbird, Legacy and Hunter are the major irrigation equipment suppliers for the turf management facility.


Warm and cool-season Turfgrass variety demonstration plots allow side-by-side performance comparisons year-rounds.


"The golf course industry has become increasingly more specialized. OSU-OKC provides the education, experience and scientific knowledge required to be successful golf course superintendents."


-- Craig Elms, Golf Course Superintendent, Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club

On-site pond management practices and plant materials provide education in sound environmental design and development.


Students, landscape professionals, homeowners and industry representative have access to the latest turf management practices.


A regulation-size soccer field allows demonstration and maintenance experience for a heavy-use turf setting.