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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Liberal Arts Division

Liberal Arts Division Part-Time Faculty of the Month: Lori Ann Young

View of Lori Ann Young teaching, selected as Liberal Arts Division Faculty of the Month

Lori Young is an attorney and the executive director of a nonprofit agency that provides legal services to people in poverty. She has taught part-time at OSU-OKC for over nine years. When asked what she most enjoys about teaching, Lori says, “Working with the students and learning their passions, then seeing them pursue their passions through their education and career paths.” The most important thing she has learned as an instructor is that every student is different. “They learn differently and care about different things, but they do all learn, and they do all care.

Liberal Arts Division Part-Time Faculty of the Month: Bonner Slayton

Professor Bonner Slayton teaching class

Congratulations to OSU-OKC English Professor Bonner Slayton! Slayton is the third recipient of the Liberal Arts Division’s Part-Time Faculty of the Month Award.