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Shine - A Community Service Program

The Oklahoma County Commissioners are offering a Commissioner’s Cord and certificate for students who complete 100 hours of community service during their college career.

The volunteer hours can be accrued through service learning and/or other community service activities.

Shine Award by Year

2013 16 2205
2014 24 3619.14
2015 23 3671.6
2016 20 2601
2017 21 4381.9
2018 12 1770.05
Totals 116 18,248.69

Reporting Involvement

To Report Community or Service Learning Activities:

  1. Log in to OrgSync
  2. Click My Tools
  3. Click Involvement
  4. Click Add Involvement Entry
  5. Click Service Entry and complete electronic form
  6. Push submit

These hours will be loaded onto your Involvement Transcript once hours are confirmed in the Student Life Office.

Student Involvement Transcript

The Student Involvement Transcript is an official record of student’s extracurricular activities and accomplishments. This is not an official academic transcript request.

All community service or Service Learning hours are documented on this transcript. For an official copy of your transcript:

  1. Log in to OrgSync
  2. Click My Tools
  3. Click Involvement
  4. Click Manage Involvement
  5. Make sure both the green and blue dots are lit up on each entry
  6. Click request official transcript

For more information about Community Service and/or the SHINE program, contact:

Kristi Pendleton
Director, Student Engagement
Student Center, Room 102
(405) 945-3378