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Shredding/Recycling Announcement

OSU-Oklahoma City is partnering with Shred-it to shred and recycle all paper on campus. Shred-it is currently the world’s leading document shredding and recycling company.

Due to a privacy act and many other compliance acts regulated by the government, all paper should be placed in Shred-it consoles and not discarded into regular trashcans. You will no longer have to decide if documents are confidential or non-confidential – all paper will be placed into consoles.

Shred-it consoles will be placed in office areas across campus for all employees in coming weeks.

Shred-it customer service representatives who have undergone extensive background checks will collect the console’s contents once a month.

Environmental responsibility is integral to Shred-it. In 2008, Shred-it’s recycling program saved more than nine million trees. For every two consoles filled with paper, one tree is saved through recycling efforts.

The environmental benefits of Shred-it’s eco-friendly document destruction and recycling program are far-reaching. In addition to saving trees, every ton of recycled paper uses 64% less energy, 50% less water and causes 74% less air pollution.

At the end of the year, OSU-OKC will receive an Environmental Certificate detailing the positive recycling impact the relationship with Shred-it has had on the environment.

Shred-it will also be hosting a community shred event on campus once a year at no cost to OSU-OKC.