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Energy Technologies in Use

At OSU, cutting-edge technology assists in the ongoing effort to reduce energy usage and costs, thereby, reducing our carbon footprint. Below is a list of some of the technologies used for energy management at OSU:

Building automation systems (BAS) provide web-based, digital controls for heating, air-conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems for the purpose of energy management at OSU. The BAS involves air handlers, the chilled and hot water systems, damper controls, exhaust fan controls, pump controls, and lighting controls in various campus buildings. The BAS enables energy managers to schedule HVAC and lighting to match the occupancy patterns in OSU buildings. Direct digital control allows energy managers to monitor temperatures by zone within each building within the system and make adjustments in scheduling or temperature, as needed.

Automated lighting systems are used in several OSU buildings, which enable energy managers to schedule lighting based on occupancy patterns.

Automation of energy meters allows energy managers to be digitally monitor data at repeated intervals for real-time review of energy use in OSU buildings.

Utility meters for natural gas, electric, chilled water, and steam condensate are used and monitored closely at OSU to ensure that energy usage is accurately accounted for each month.

Vending machine controls at OSU utilize a passive infrared occupancy sensor (PIR) that can turn off the compressor and fluorescent lights in the vending machine when the area is unoccupied. A temperature sensor can power up the machine at intervals to keep the products cool enough.

Reference: Hordeski, M. Dictionary of Energy Efficiency Techologies. Fairmont Press: Lilburn, GA. 2004.