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Meet the Staff

Matthew Price

Interim Director of Marketing & Communications 


Matt received his degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Oklahoma, and was Matthew Pricethe features editor at The Oklahoman newspaper from 2009-2018, where he also wrote about comics and geek culture. He’s won awards for leisure reporting, film reviews, blogs and entertainment features while working as a journalist. He returned to OU in the Marketing & Communications department and as a journalism instructor after leaving The Oklahoman. He's also worked for the Oklahoma Gazette, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and the Dallas Morning News. He joined OSU-OKC in March 2020. Matt and his wife, Annette, own the Eisner Award-nominated comic book store, Speeding Bullet Comics, in Norman, Oklahoma.

Fun Fact:

Matt co-wrote the deadCenter Film Festival's 2014 Oklahoma Film of the Year, "The Posthuman Project."

James Walton

Web Communications Manager

Years with OSU-OKC: Since September 1987

What does OSU-OKC mean to you?

Seeing the growth of the campus since I've been here has been amazing. The change in facilities and technologies has been exciting to watch. I enjoy doing what I do while being part of something that enriches people's lives in a positive way.

Fun fact:

Roadied once for southern rock band Molly Hatchet. My hobbies include music, guitars and art, just to name a few... so little time.

Crystal Cid

Graphic Designer 


With a background in Drawing and Painting, I decided to pursue a career in Graphic Design. I love creating print and digital media, and working with typography, colors, illustrations, and photos. I'm from Dallas and moved to Oklahoma City and have worked in non-profit and educational fields.

What does a Graphic Designer do?

I design print materials and digital media for campus events. I assist with branding and creating materials that match our branding standards. 

Fun fact about Crystal: I love dogs!

Ned Wilson

Video & Digital Content Producer 


Ned is an Emmy nominated, 30 plus year veteran in the field of broadcasting and production. Starting in public radio in 1989, his career has taken him to film editing, broadcast news, corporate safety & training videos, voice talent for local OKC commercials, promotional marketing videos for Cox Sports Television, the NBA's New Orleans Hornets (now Pelicans), television and media classroom instruction at three universities, A/V installation and event production, and now the Video & Digital Content Producer for the Marketing & Communications department.


"Your work defines you, and I am hopeful that the service I provide not only represents my skills and knowledge, but also represents the campus and its ideologies. From the smallest of projects, to the largest, the final result should elevate the brand of OSU-OKC."

Tonia Byers

Print & Mail Manager 

Years with Print & Mail Services: Since January 2018

What does Print & Mail Services mean to you?

Print & Mail Services has a special place in my heart. I originally started working at OSU-OKC in 2000 as a Graphic Artist when Print & Mail Services was called Creative Services. A lot has changed in 20 years. Print & Mail Services gives me the opportunity to provide friendly customer service and build connections with staff, faculty and students by helping them with all of their print and mail needs.

Fun fact about Tonia: My favorite things to do are play disc golf and create essential oil potions!

Steve Nascimbeni

Print & Mail Coordinator 

Years with Print & Mail Services: Since January 2017

Describe what you do at OSU-OKC.

I fulfill a variety of printing needs for OSU-OKC faculty and staff and am responsible for processing all incoming and outgoing mail for the campus.

Fun fact about Steve:

I was born and raised in Massachusetts.