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CBAT Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of things should be reported?

Report anything that is suspicious or makes you concerned. Direct threats, extreme displays of emotion, obsession with violence or death, possession of a weapon or explosive device, inappropriate classroom behavior, unusual fixation on another person, manipulative behavior, extreme weight gain or loss, expression of intent to harm oneself, severe disorientation, and apparent lack of touch with reality should all be reported.

Will the person that I’m reporting know it was me?

That depends on the situation. If you’d like your identity to remain unknown to the person you are reporting, please note that in your report.

What happens when I make a report?

The team receives and prioritizes the information, then immediately begins an investigation. Often the initial report is just one piece of the puzzle. Something one person observes can turn out to be nothing or an indication of a larger problem. The team attempts to understand the whole of a person’s behavior patterns before making any decisions.

Is OSU-OKC overreacting?

No. The people on the team are university professionals who are specially trained in handling these situations. There is no culture of fear on the team and it is not our usual practice to make snap decisions.

Will I find out what happens?

That depends on the situation. Various privacy and confidentiality laws apply to the situations handled by the Campus Behavior Assessment Team (CBAT). The team can explain this to you.

I don’t want to get anyone in trouble and I’m not really sure this is a big deal?

The purpose of CBAT is not to get people in trouble. In most instances, we are able to resolve the situation without disciplinary action or criminal prosecution against the person involved. If you are unsure about whether or not you should say something, report it! Trust your instincts.

What about privacy? Aren’t I prohibited from disclosing student information by FERPA?

Not in this situation. Everyone on the team is a university employee with a legitimate educational interest, which means FERPA expressly permits the sharing of any and all information from you to the team. The team will make decisions about who else may need to be contacted to resolve the issue.