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Business Card Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my business cards cost?

Single-Sided Cards

  • 250 cards: $17.70
  • 500 cards: $29.50
  • 750 cards: $41.30
  • 1,000 cards: $53.10

Double-Sided Cards

  • 250 cards: $23.60
  • 500 cards: $35.40
  • 750 cards: $47.20
  • 1,000 cards: $59.00

Will I be able to see a draft of my business card?

Each employee’s supervisor and also Human Resources will receive a proof of the business card. They will be responsible for proofreading for accuracy and signing off on the approved proof.

How long will it take to get them?

Routine processing, which includes design and print time, is 5-7 working days

Where will my cards be delivered?

All business cards will be placed in your department's campus mailbox after printed.

If you have any other questions, contact:


Tonia Byers
Manager, Print & Mail Services
(405) 945-3361