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Banner Finance Access Request

Follow the steps below to submit your request to Banner Finance functionality via the online Banner Access Request application. Please note that if you need access to other areas of Banner (ex: administrative, student, etc.) you will need to submit multiple access requests - one for each Banner module.


Budget Development | 405.945.8632

Banner Access Request

If you experience technical issues with the online request application, please contact the IT Helpdesk, or 405.744.HELP (4357).

  1. Login to the OSU system portal, self-service Banner
  2. Click the Employee Tab
  3. Click the link for Banner Access Request (towards the bottom of the list of links)
  4. Click Create Access Request button (blue button at the bottom of page)
    1. If you do not see Create Access Request, or you cannot be found in the user search results, your employment assignment or change may not have taken affect.  You must have an active primary position in the Banner HR system.  Please contact your departmental representative for the status of your employment.
  5. Select the OSU Oklahoma City location, then click Next
  6. Select the appropriate Banner module which would be Finance for budget oversight, then click Next
  7. Search for yourself or the person for whom you are requesting access (by name or email address, etc.), then click Next
  8. Confirm the person on the following screen by clicking the radio button next to their name, and click Next
  9. Banner should automatically look up the department head. Confirm that the proper department head who will need to approve this request is the one listed, and click Continue
  10. The security groups that will be needed for finance over sight are:
    1. Finance General Access for all users of Finance
    2. Finance Grants Query
    3. Eprint Reports for Grants Principal Investigators
  11. Review the request details to confirm they are correct. For positions with over sight of multiple organizational codes please contact the Budget Dev. Coordinator for the organizational code to be used. You also have the option to indicate other information in the optional Comments section. Check the box to indicate INB access, if desired, then click Submit.
  12. After the request has been submitted, the person for whom the request was made must login to the system and agree to the Banner access confidentiality statement (if this is his/her first Banner access request). 
  13. The Department Head will also receive an email prompting him/her to login to the system and approve the request. Department Heads can also login to the system and click the Pending Department Head Action link (under the Approver menu) to view and approve pending requests.
  14. The data owners of the different security groups must review & approve the request.
  15. Finally, the request must be processed by IT. Prior to access being given they will verify the approval as well as the successful completion of FERPA training. When the new access has been setup, the requestor will receive an email from the IT Helpdesk indicating that the request has been completed. 

Banner Access Removal Request

If access is no longer needed, you can request removal by using the "Request Security Removal" link in the left column.

In addition to, all Banner related access will be removed when one of the following events occur:

  • User's IDMS account has been locked.
  • User's IDMS account has Employee Services blocked.
  • User's IDMS account has been disabled.
  • User has retired.
  • User has had an employment change (primary department change, or primary position ends).