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OSU-OKC receives motorcycle safety grant

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City has received a $23,516 grant from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office to support the motorcycle safety classes offered through the OSU-OKC Precision Driving Training Center. 

“Motorcycle enthusiasm is just as great if not greater than it’s ever been,” said Bill Hughes, center director. “It’s a lot of work to ride a motorcycle properly and safely. People should have as much knowledge of what their equipment will do.”

The inherent risk motorcycles pose to riders makes it is important that safety education is accessible and affordable to new riders and those interested in improving their skills, Hughes said.

OSU-OKC plays a vital role in educating Oklahoma riders thanks to its long and valued partnership with OHSO. 

In 2020, OSU-OKC trained approximately 900 riders in its various courses at the Precision Driving Training Center.

Hughes said the courses are free and the majority are offered on weekends. Introductory Motorcycle Experience is offered about 10 times each year and Ready to Ride about five times a year. Both are one-day courses.

The introductory course often attracts people before they buy a motorcycle who are looking for information about what will fit their needs, Hughes said.

OSU-OKC also offers a two-day Three-Wheel Basic Rider Course and a one-day Three-Wheel Ready to Ride Course throughout the year.

The popular three-wheel motorcycles are a completely different experience, Hughes said.

“They act more like a car. It’s an excellent option for someone who no longer can hold up their motorcycle at stops,” he said. “It’s important to take the class for the type you’re going to drive.”

Distracted drivers are a big danger for riders, so the courses stresses looking down the road and anticipating what might happen, Hughes said.

“A minor accident on a motorcycle will probably hurt you worse than a minor accident in a car,” he said.

OHSO was established in 1967 by the Oklahoma Legislature to address highway safety issues and to combat the alarming increase in the number and severity of traffic crashes and fatalities. The office is under the umbrella of the Department of Public Safety.

For information about the OSU-OKC motorcycle safety classes call (405) 945-3208 or email