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OSU-OKC interim president recognizes faculty, students in video address

OSU-OKC interim president recognizes faculty, students in video address

College to celebrate 60 years in 2021


OKLAHOMA CITY (Feb. 1, 2021) – Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City interim president Mike Widell addresses the community in a new video looking to the future for the college.

Widell said his role is to prepare the university as it begins its search for a new president.  

Widell recounted the college’s success in adapting to COVID-19 and congratulated the faculty on creating a smooth online transition.

He thanked faculty, students and staff for their roles in the past, and welcomed students to celebrate the 60th anniversary of OSU-OKC as we continue our journey in 2021. 





OSU-OKC Update February 1, 2021

Welcome to the spring semester, it is because of your dedication to the mission of Oklahoma State University Oklahoma City that we continue to serve during a time of Pandemic.

We thank President Williams as he begins his journey at Dallas College. Three years ago, Brad shifted this organization to the ideals of a culture centered on Humanity and continuous improvement. Our three Principles of Student Success, Employee Excellence, and Community Relevance are interwoven, each cannot stand singularly; ignoring even one allows weakness and subverts our core values. Embracing each Core Value is key to the success of the Mission and together we create aspiration and purpose.

As we begin the spring semester, we are reminded that COVID-19 did not define us, but allowed each of us an opportunity to define who we are and what this campus means to the community. We focused on Humanity; taking care of our students, providing educational excellence in degree programs, short term certificates, and training. Each Faculty and staff member has worked diligently to ensure a coordinated response for a new generation of opportunities.

Because of the amazing work of our faculty, who shifted 85% of academic courses online, our campus was recognized as the winner in the Oklahoma Gazette COVID Category –Smoothest Online Transition. Thank you, faculty, for transforming our students’ educational experience quickly and effectively.

Our nursing students, who continued their education and clinical rotations in the middle of a pandemic, are heroes among us. The fire, EMT, and police students, were in the field living the crisis on a daily basis - overcoming while learning. Thank you and to each of our 315 Fall graduates! Congratulations! We are honored to have walked beside you on your journey.

The experience over the past year empowered us and transformed our minds, allowing us to recognize our abilities and capabilities – human and with technology. We implemented new technology and together we re-imagined our data. We worked closely together, even when physically apart. We partnered, worked collaboratively, and created new community connections in service to students. While each of each faced our own challenges of loss, loneliness, sadness and longing to be together with others…. we collectively overcame.

It is an honor to` briefly, respectfully and joyfully occupy the position of Interim President for the next 6 – 8 months as we continue our HLC journey of continuous improvement and ongoing assessment reporting, transforming our campus to meet needs now and in the future. Together, we can ensure we are prepared when a new president accepts the challenge of leading us into the next decade.

This year OSU OKC will celebrate 60 years of providing individuals access to technical career paths and opportunities for education in critical occupations, necessary for economic development and personal wealth gain as many of our signature programs have a starting wage approaching $60,000.

Completers in these and our other programs are essential for a better tomorrow; it is up to us to ensure they persist to success in their education and in life.

We are proud to be part of Oklahoma State University and the OSU A&M System. Each of us owes a debt of gratitude to President Hargis – for his support and visionary leadership, the President’s Advisory Board members, the OSU A&M Board of Regents and to all OSU A & M universities for their innovative efforts to ensure Oklahoma is a top 10 state.

Thank you; stay safe in your service!