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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

OSU-OKC interim president: Celebrate graduates

There are three exciting options for graduation

OSU-OKC Family,


There are many moving parts to a typical graduation and decisions had to be made at first of year. In January, COVID-19 cases were climbing at an uncontrolled rate and vaccinations had barely begun, leaving us in a very uncertain and unpredictable environment. Executive Team continued to monitor  the environment and options for ensuring we can safely celebrate while protecting students, families and employees. I am happy to announce that we now plan to celebrate our graduates in three ways this year.

OSU-OKC graduating students can celebrate with their cohort in a series of degree-conferring ceremonies to be held on campus on Saturday, May 15. These ceremonies will be for graduates and faculty only. See for the time your discipline will be holding its ceremony and to register. Properly distanced seating is limited. Caps and gowns will be required for this event.
Then, students will round up the family and celebrate with our campus on Sunday, May 16, for the drive-through Car-mencement Event, held in the central parking lot from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. A photographer will be available on site, and caps and gowns will be sold through the OSU-OKC bookstore for students wishing to have graduation portraits. Caps and gowns are not required at the Car-mencement.
And for all to enjoy, students are invited to participate in our virtual graduation! The online event will have shareable AR social media filters, videos, recorded ceremonies , and engaging content that you can share online with friends from all over. 

I am excited to celebrate this milestone achievement with you and congratulate all our graduates on their success at OSU-OKC. Find out more about all of these events at

Michael Widell
Interim President