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New SGA president touts campus involvement

OSU-OKC’s SGA president touts benefits of campus involvement

Anthony Bollman to lead SGA for 2020-21 school year

OKLAHOMA CITY (Aug. 28, 2020) – Ask Anthony Bollman, and he’ll tell you that a great way for students to get involved with campus life is to get involved with your school’s Student Government Association.

Bollman, an Enterprise Development major from Verden, is the current Student Government Association (SGA) president at Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC).

Bollman said becoming part of SGA “allows you to be a part of shaping our campus for yourself and other students. You also make a lot of new friends and it challenges you as a leader on campus.” 

OSU-OKC’s SGA sponsors campus activities and events and represents the students on campus committees.  

Bollman joined the association at the urging of a previous SGA president after previously being involved in student government at Verden High School and at a technology center.

“You learn a lot about leadership, and normally hear about awesome opportunities on campus first,” Bollman said.  

He said he hopes to put his leadership lessons to work as an entrepreneur in the future, as he wants to own his own successful business. He’s already well on his way, as alongside his father, Bollman runs a pump and supplies store in Cement.  

Bollman said he’s already developed skills and made friends by being part of SGA.   

“I have learned numerous skills such as better time management, leadership, and organization. I also met so many lifelong friends through SGA,” he said. “It allowed me to meet so many people on campus.”

Bollman suggested students keep an eye on OSU-OKC social media channels and on the university’s Engage platform to find opportunities to get involved.

“If there is an event on campus, you can come by,” he said. “Or attend one of our general sessions to see what’s going on around campus. All clubs do updates at the events.” 

This year’s SGA meetings are scheduled to be held via Zoom; links will be posted on the event descriptions on Engage. Bollman said SGA involvement does require work, but it is also very rewarding.  

“SGA is an incredible opportunity for your resume, new friends, and getting involved in school,” he said.  




For more information: Nick Trougakos, OSU-OKC – – (405) 945-9196

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