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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

New OSU-OKC degrees to boost workforce

Two new bachelor degrees will help OSU-OKC build critical workforce in Oklahoma. In addition, a new associate degree will also target a key workforce area.   

OSU-OKC is very excited to be offering several new degree options in Fall 2024, including an Associate of Applied Science in Applied Data Analytics, a Bachelor of Technology degree in Engineering Technologies with options in Automation and Industrial Engineering, and a Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Technologies with options in Cybersecurity and Software Development.  All three of the programs were approved by both Oklahoma State Regents and the Higher Learning Commission and build on critical occupations for Oklahoma. 

Students can achieve the Bachelor of Technology degree at OSU-OKC by extending their education for an additional two years after completing the AAS programs. This progression underscores the seamless transition from an AAS to a Bachelor’s degree all at OSU-OKC, marking a total of four years of study.

The new programs were developed after months of planning and meeting with Oklahoma City metro employers to identify what their most urgent workforce needs were.  Programs in software development address an up to 23% anticipated growth in open positions, according to Oklahoma workforce data on the Top 100 Critical Occupations, and both the Engineering Technologies and Information Technologies degrees build on existing associate degrees for students who need a bachelor’s degree to advance within their careers. 

“The emphasis in all of these new programs will be not only in learning to use the software and other tools of the trade but in thinking differently about processes and how they can improve with clear communication, planning, and a broader view of work flow,” said OSU-OKC Provost Pam Stinson.    

A Bachelor of Technology in Information Technologies will increase one's earning potential and advance career opportunities. The degree offers a foundation in information technologies, emphasizing cybersecurity or software development.  

“Cybersecurity jobs are in high demand in Oklahoma City and are expected to grow over the next five years,” said Diana Biswell, Department Head of Information Systems and Technologies at OSU-OKC. “There is still a significant demand for software developers in our technological world. The degree provides industry-demand skills and the ability to earn industry certifications.”  

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