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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

Hundreds attend Orange Crush

Pistol Pete visits with a student at Orange Crush

New students got the fall 2021 semester kicked off with a kapow! as President Scott Newman, Pistol Pete, Dr. Steven Collins and others welcomed them as part of the fall 2021 Orange Crush events at OSU-OKC. 
Micah, a general studies major, said the event helped put him at ease for the coming semester. 
“After attending Orange Crush and getting to meet some of the faculty at OSU-OKC it was clear to me that not only were they all focused on helping each student achieve educational success, but also focused on assisting each student in areas outside of class," Micah said. "The experience put all my worries at ease because I knew that I had so many people on my team going into this journey. I also enjoyed getting to interact with current OSU-OKC students and tour campus to become familiar with the community. The whole experience truly made me so excited to get involved and be a part of the Cowboy family.”
 There were volunteers and presenters from more than 20 offices and departments across campus, 36 campus tours, 254 students and 110 guests.
Marley, majoring in Nurse Science, was pleased to hear about OSU-OKC's focus on health. 
“I learned many things during my Orange Crush orientation," Marley said. "One of the things I learned is that OSU-OKC takes mental and physical health very seriously. The staff has options available for everyone to feel comfortable here at OSU-OKC. I also learned that there are many places on campus to study, and that there are always options to get academic help."