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Oklahoma City - An OSU Degree in OKC.

The Hub Undergoing Major Modifications

The renovated Pete's Place in the Student Center.


For years, OSU-OKC students, faculty and staff knew it as The Hub. A place to gather, celebrate milestones and grab a bite to eat.
But as students and faculty return to campus after the Holiday break, new and improved options will be greeting them in The Hub. A complete remodel is underway and the options the new area will provide will be worth the temporary mess.

“The Hub dining area has long been the heart of the OSU-OKC campus," said Mike Widell, Vice President of Operations. “Since the last remodel of campus dining, many needs for increased health as driven by the pandemic and a desire for a higher quality of life has formed new experience and dietary expectations in today’s college student.”
In partnership with Imperial Food Services, the Hub is being transformed into a modern dining experience, offering on-demand food marketplace. Providing snacks, bottled drinks and foods ranging from ready to heat and healthy options the Marketplace will offer self-service products to accommodate all hours and budgetary needs.

In addition to the market, hot meals including sandwiches, burgers, fries, chicken strips and select Mexican foods will be available from the grill. Need a morning coffee, muffin or breakfast sandwich?  Centered in the middle this new concept is Pete’s Place which will expand options including beverages, sandwiches, light pastries and more during key service hours. 

“The dining area has been reimagined to provide the campus community a place to study, collaborate and to build lasting relationships,” Widell said. “Most importantly, the new food serving areas will allow for proper distancing and one-way safe spaces to help ensure continued access for nutrition needs of our students and employees.

These changes are only made possible by the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund as authorized by the American Rescue Plan.